Monday, March 16, 2009

Bill's Recent (tardy) News Roundup

I am in Minnesota, having just hauled my library of far too many books up from Vegas to my new house, which isn't quite ready yet. That's fine, because now I'm about to fly back down to Las Vegas (since I'm leaving my car up here too) and pick up the final load of furniture and odd stuff, to drive it up via U-Haul.

I spent a day in Amish country, looking at my bookshelves, which are nearly done and just about ready to be installed.

I get to move into my house on April 1st, which seems an auspicious day for me. Then I get to spend most of April and half of May getting the place in shape for the Clockwork boys to come up here for our annual retreat and super secret, star chamber, meeting of the cryptera top board, where we basically decide the fate of the world.

I get to go to Italy at the end of April for two back-to-back events, a comic show and a folklore festival.

Fables was just nominated for a fairly prestigious, outside-of-the-funnybook-field award, which I should be able to mention by name in a week or so. And Jack of Fables just made the New York Times bestseller list in their new graphic novels listing.


Cindy said...

But, but you have all those lovely shelves to fill in your library. It can't possibly be "far too many books" until all bookcases are filled to the brim and the overflow on the stairs is in violation of health and safety regulations.

Dan Smeddy said...

Cindy is right, Bill. My father always used to say, "Books are like teeth: you can never have too many". I did tell you my father drank, didn't I?