Friday, May 6, 2011

Going to New Orleans

In June I'll be the guest of TOR Books, publishers of my new children's novel Down the Mysterly River (out this summer), at the American Library Association's big get together in New Orleans.

Go here to see more of what it's all about. I'll be there Friday and Saturday, the 24th and 25th, signing at the TOR Books booth and taking part in some of the programming.

If you plan to be in the New Orleans area around then, and if you share a love of all things books, do please think about coming by.


brainbow said...

hi Bill! Your big sister Barbara here checking on your exciting life. I have a story/memory to relate to you from when you were 6 and writing your first comic. Not sure this is the proper forum for that, so email me if you will @
It's a cute story and one that your fans will love. Hope to hear from you soon!

instante literario said...

Hello Bill. I want say you have fans here in Brazil. I am one of many. And me and my friend play RPG inspired in your fables story and created by us where each player write one fatry tale.

J Klodnicki said...

Good evening, Bill
Message from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, where I am purchasing the Fables series for our secondary school library. Quick question: Feathertop (from Legends in Exile) seems to be a fable in need of further exposure (yes, completely just my opinion...) - any chance he may be involved in bringing Mr Dark? (I just finished the Rose Red compilation and may be behind...three young boys at home will do that to any attempts at keeping current on literature!)
Thanks for this treasure of a series!
Mr K

Mr K said...

"...bringing Mr Dark to task.." sorry, missed a few words...

D W said...

Hi Bill, I am a new fan (thanks to the public library) in NC. I just finished the War story arc. Are you planning to do anything with the Native American legends? Thanks for your hard work and dedication! Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

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