Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Snowfort Progresses Apace.

The fireplace is just about done. Now I have to consider what might be worthy enough to sit on, and hold its own compared to, a mantle piece so imposing as this one.
        The actual firebox looks a bit small, until you scroll down and remind yourself just how huge the mantle piece is, to get a true sense of the scale of this thing.
        The third annual Clockwork Retreat is going to be held here, at the new house (mostly because I feel so broke after buying this thing that I can't justify a trip just now). Many interesting conversations will be held in front of this fireplace, baptizing it just right in thoughtful ideas, advanced storytelling theory, and a reasonable modicum of boasting and bragging.


Cindy said...

Have you considered medieval weaponry for above the mantle? Those floors and that fireplace seem to call for a trophy display of the weapons of vanquished enemies.

Bill Willingham said...

I do have a sword or two.