Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JSA Days (and Daze)

As you may already have heard, I'll be writing DC Comics' JSA series soon, in collaboration with my oft-times funnybook writing partner, Matt Sturges. By the way, the image to the left isn't from one of our issues, as they've yet to come out. It's from a previous JSA issue and doesn't show the full immensity of the team that we'll be inheriting from Geoff Johns, the current JSA scribe.
        Since this news broke, I've been asked more than once, "Why would you even consider taking over a book from Geoff Johns? It's about as suicidal a career move as whoever the long forgotten act was who appeared after the Beatles, in the old Ed Sullivan Show." (Too ancient a reference for you? Ask your parents.)
        Believe me, I have the same concerns. Geoff is a titan of superhero writing. It would be folly to try to follow him, right?
        That's one way to frame the argument. But, after much consideration, I have a drastically different way of looking at it. Following Geoff Johns on any project is a no-lose situation. Confused? Then think it through as I did. The two possibilities are that I fall flat on my face, or I do a good job with the book against all expectations.
        If I fall flat on my face, that can't reflect badly on me, because he's Geoff Johns. No one can be expected to do well following him. See? Can't lose.
        However, if I succeed against all expectations then the glory is even more sweet, because who would have thought I could do it, following Geoff Johns. Once again: can't lose.
        So that's my reasoning. Or at least my rationalization.
        I have no idea why Matt agreed to this folly.

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Chris Opperman said...

Um, you're one of the greatest comic book writers ever. I don't think you'll have any problem.