Friday, January 30, 2009

Once again it seems I lied.

Apparently I am not going to post daily writing progress updates here, during the month of February. Just as I have decided to go deep into the writing hole this full coming month, my buddy and oft-times writing partner Matt Sturges has decided much the same thing, although in deference to the fact that he has a loving family that needs occasional attention and care, his hole won't be dug quite as deep or isolated as mine.
        But, that said, the fact that Matt is doing much the same thing for the same month is too much of an opportunity to pass up. So, instead of just posting my own daily progress here, Matt and I are both going to post daily progress reports over at the Clockwork Blog. That doubles the accountability, which is the entire purpose of posting daily reports in the first place. You can get to the Clockwork Blog by clicking on the link right there in the upper left hand side of this page.

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