Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The House at Story Creek

While visiting friends in the wilds of Minnesota I found the perfect house on some wooded acres bordering a river (I call it a creek, but my friends insist it's a river and I just haven't seen it at full swell), so I bought it.
        I'll be moving there after it's finished. The outside and major construction is done, but the builders left the floors and walls and such unfinished so the buyer could have it finished to suit.
        The yellow carpet things are burlap and straw coverings being rolled over the newly planted lawn to protect it from the coming winter -- which I understand is in full howl right now. I think I might call the property Story Creek, since I'm just enough of a fuddy duddy old romantic to think that houses, even modest ones, should have names.


Chrissy Kistler said...

Of course, houses should have names! And on occasion, cars, boats, and even the odd favorite pair of shoes. While not everything in our house has names, our GPS system is "Karen".

Bill Willingham said...

Okay, but do the shoes get one name for the pair, or does each shoe get its own name?

Chris Opperman said...

I think calling your house Story Creek is a great idea! Composer Sibelius had a place called Ainola named after his wife (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ainola) here he's buried along with her.

Also, there's a beautiful, beautiful piece by Charles Ives called Three Places in New England and one of those places is the Housatonic at Stockbridge, which is probably my favorite Ives piece.

And congrats on becoming a homeowner! Big house! Exciting!

Cindy said...

That is a gorgeous setting, Bill and the house looks nice. You should name it.

Both shoes are named the same, so you would be wearing the "Charlies" or the "Bitch Boots". I love my Bitch Boots.

Kam said...

It's beautiful, Bill. Congratulations!