Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JSA Favorites

When Matt and I were invited to take over writing the JSA we were a bit daunted at the huge size of the team. One way we're dealing with it is to each pick our favorite JSA characters and sort of be the one to "take the lead" in writing that character, when he appears in a given story.
     Among my favorite JSA characters is Mr. Terrific, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost he's supposed to be a very smart fellow, and the challenge of writing a character vastly more intelligent than myself is irresistible. 
        For another thing, a hero should have a code, and this one makes sure everyone knows it. It's written there in bold letters right on his sleeve. Corny? You bet, but I like it.
        Don't much care for the mask though. Since he's a publicly known superhero -- meaning he doesn't keep a secret identity -- and since it's already established that he can turn the mask invisible at will, I wonder if we might just have him lose it. No changes to the Fair Play jacket though. Love the jacket. DC should produce them for sale.

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