Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Plans

In March I move into the new digs, up in snowy Minnesota, just in time to officially move in on April 1st. That means I can't count on getting too much writing work done then. So I need to get ahead on all deadlines and various writing obligations now.
        Therefore, in the month of February, I am disappearing deep into the writing hole. No days off. No dinners out with friends. Few phone calls. No computer activity not directly related to getting my work done. Just writing, and more writing.
        Here's what I need to get done in one month: 1) I need to finish the current novel, which is fully plotted, researched and begun, but much of which remains unwritten. 2) I need to write at least three full issues of Fables. 3) Along with Matt Sturges, I need to complete, at a minimum, two issues of Jack, two issues of The Literals, and two issues of JSA. 4) I need to finish a couple of short stories and various items that always come up, and can't really be scheduled.
        Can I do it? Sure. I'm pretty prolific when I decide to knuckle down. For the prose work I just need to channel my inner Chris Roberson, who can write a full length novel in a long weekend. For the comics work I just need to do daily what I am able to do, when I really dedicate myself. Will I do it? We'll see.
        In order to help keep the fire lit under my too-often lazy (insert earthy anatomical reference here), I'm going to try to post daily progress reports here.

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