Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How does one nominate a Fine Fellow?

This was asked in the comments down below and I thought it best to answer it in its own post, since the Fine Fellow awards are vitally important. The official way to nominate someone -- even yourself -- for the Fine Fellow award is to find some way to do it. Be creative. Style, panache and bravura count for a lot.

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clmcshane said...

Darn - written creativity is not my strong suit. Oh well, hopefully there are points for effort and intent. It's much easier when I can bribe people with cookies...

Well let's try this:

There is a lady in your life, who has, according to Paul Levitz on Newsarama, has a tap dance routine that people should see and who had a major part in bring Fables to all of us for our enjoyment and continues to have a role each month in our Fables goodness. I would like to nominate Shelly Bond for a Fine Fellow award for her involvement in bring me so many fine books to read and enjoy.