Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sketchbook Stuff

I'm not sure I have anything to comment about this sketchbook page of doodles. These are all done originally in pencils of course. Then, back when I was producing a good deal of comic art -- back in the Ironwood and Coventry days -- I would warm up my inking hand by first inking a few of the sketches in one of my sketchbooks. That's how the majority of them came to be inked, and that's where I tried out new inking a pencilling styles.


Ian Westhoff said...

Hi Bill, realy been enjoying your blog! Do you have any plans to blog about Coventry? I really enjoyed the comic when it was out.

Bill Willingham said...

Yup, I'll eventually get to Coventry. I'm not doing this in any particular order -- just as I feel like talking about things.